For the love of jewelry making!


Why did I ever leave? I keep asking myself. I am a type of person who must always have time to do something, anything it doesn’t matter what. I have been in the advertising business for like ever…it feels like, but that business is no longer doing great. A friend of mine from the advertising world got me hooked on jewelry making way back when, the WHEN, was when no one else did it. I should have stuck to it at that time of my life. But not me, I decided to come back and start making jewelry when it seems EVERYONE and their mothers where making jewelry! LOL The story of my life. I am sure there are many others that feels the same way as I do! I have moved on to other projects but the love of making the jewelry has never left. The sparkle of the rhinestone once in awhile catches my eye, as if its a SOS signal shining in the dark, beckoning me to come closer… closer…..and I could not resist it any longer. So to make my heart feel better, even if its just for me, I have started making more pieces, and will be posting them up on my blog! Feel free to comment on any of my jewelry.

This pair of earrings are made from Sterling Silver, Vintage Rhinestone Drops and beautiful green and yellow lampwork beads!


~ by Moonlighting Creations on August 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “For the love of jewelry making!”

  1. Very cool design!!! Bet it will sell fast!!! Keep up the good worK!!!

    • Thanks you so much! Fingers crossed that it will sell! I have many others that I will be putting up. I have some fleur de lis designs I will be putting up soon!

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