The Time Traveler

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I saw the Time Traveler Wife last night. The movie was a sweet, yet sad movie about love that endures, despite the fact that the husband under extreme duress, disappears at inordinately and frequent times. Now some may say this is a perfect marriage (me included! LOL)

Could you just imagine the ability to travel to any point in the past or future. Time travel has not been proven to be impossible or possible. But, in some way, we are all time travelers. Time is constantly traveling around us. We have a past, a present and a future. Everything that we do quickly moves into the past.

To help us re-live our travels, I have just listed on my etsy shop, a Time Travelers Charm Bracelet made from lampwork beads, sterling silver, swarvoski crystal, a key charm, a brass heart locket a fluer de lis, and a clock face! You can continue to add charms to the bracelet that you have gathered from your past, and still enjoy them in your future!


“Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

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This bracelet was inspired from my visit to Nawlins, this past July. You can find it posted in my etsy shop!

“Laissez les bons temps rouler!”

The term “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” is a Cajun expression meaning “Let the good times roll!” And boy do they! We had a wonderful trip to New Orleans in July. My sister and I decided that we would do a roadtrip to The Big Easy. It had been a couple of years since I had been down there, and she needed to take her girls down to visit and stay with their memaw for a couple of weeks! And we would stay and visit with our dad who has a home down there. My other sister decided she would fly instead of driving for 16 hours in a van with 3 adults, (4 counting her) 2 children and a dog! And we can’t forget about our luggage and the girls toys also! Where is her spontaneity, I ask! She just laughed at that question. She missed the first sleepless night, cause the dog slept all the way down there, and decided to stay awake all night barking at every little noise she heard at the dog friendly hotel we stayed at the first night on our road travels. She missed having to stay in 1 hotel room with 3 adults (4 counting her) 2 children and a dog! She missed all the fun! Anyway we arrived in New Orleans on the second day, First Stop, Daiquiri Shop! This continued for 2 weeks! Second stop Dads! We enjoyed Cafe Du Monde beignets, for all of those who don’t know what they are…heaven with a little of powder sugar on top! We enjoyed Pat O’Brien Hurricanes, the scenery, the food, the city but most of all the company!

Sis and Daughter enjoying Pat O'Brians

Sis and Daughter enjoying Pat O'Briens

View from our hotel room when we stayed in New Orleans one night!

View from our hotel room when we stayed in New Orleans one night!

Apartment building in the French Quarter

Apartment building in the French Quarter

For the love of jewelry making!

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Why did I ever leave? I keep asking myself. I am a type of person who must always have time to do something, anything it doesn’t matter what. I have been in the advertising business for like ever…it feels like, but that business is no longer doing great. A friend of mine from the advertising world got me hooked on jewelry making way back when, the WHEN, was when no one else did it. I should have stuck to it at that time of my life. But not me, I decided to come back and start making jewelry when it seems EVERYONE and their mothers where making jewelry! LOL The story of my life. I am sure there are many others that feels the same way as I do! I have moved on to other projects but the love of making the jewelry has never left. The sparkle of the rhinestone once in awhile catches my eye, as if its a SOS signal shining in the dark, beckoning me to come closer… closer…..and I could not resist it any longer. So to make my heart feel better, even if its just for me, I have started making more pieces, and will be posting them up on my blog! Feel free to comment on any of my jewelry.

This pair of earrings are made from Sterling Silver, Vintage Rhinestone Drops and beautiful green and yellow lampwork beads!

Vintage Recycled Rhinestone Drop Earrings

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Today, I decided to oxidize some of my silver, and I felt quite creative! I had and old rhinestone bracelet that I took apart, and used the connectors for the base of the earrings, oxidized some of my other silver pieces and whal-la…these earrings were reborn!


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All items in my etsy store has FREE SHIPPING today! Some items have been marked down also. So feel free to come and browse!

Aqua Blue!

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Aqua Blue!

Now in my etsy shop! Colors of Aqua and Blue, sterling silver shell and findings, light blue and clear AB swarvoski crystals and beautiful lampwork beads that look just like they rose from the sea, with drops of water still on them. Sterling toggle with two lampwork bead dangle charms. Bracelet is size 7 1/2.

Queen of Hearts!

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Queen of Hearts!

New item going up in my etsy shop! Vintage Heart Locket surrounded by oxidized sterling silver, vintage mother of pearl with natural gemstones wire wrapped. Locket is ready for a picture of that special someone!  Sterling silver cross hangs from the back of the necklace!